About us

Welcome to Oak House International Preschool

We offer a secure, living environment for children aged six months to six years and
is staffed by professionally trained individuals in early learning programs

Oak House International prides itself in being the first IPC partner school in Kenya. Our aim is to deliver high quality child care education in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Our well-equipped school is created on strong values that will be instilled in the child.

Our objectives are

  1. To provide education geared towards developing the child’s mental capabilities and physical growth.
  2. To enable a child to build upon good habits for effective living to contribute to society.
  3. To develop a child’s imagination, critical thinking abilities and make them self-reliant.
  4. To enrich a child’s experience to equip them for the future.
  5. To ensure each child is supported in developing their potential at their own pace by means of developmentally appropriate play activities.
  6. To encourage the development of self-esteem and independence of each child.

Our Vision

To establish a group of schools offering high quality, affordable education with operations in Eastern and Southern Africa. Play is an essential part of this learning process, and is used to extend their boundaries, through which children can begin to understand themselves and the World around them. Through play and activities, music and song, story and poetry, experience and observation, interaction and conversation, we provide the foundations on which to build.

Our Mission

To provide a holistic approach to learning that ensures students become well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society

Everything at Oak house has been well thought out with the child’s interest at heart. From the classroom to the play areas our spaces are set to stimulate and engage young minds.

School Features

  • State of the Art Security System
  • Highly Qualified Staff
  • Nurse on site
  • Library
  • Pool

Swimming Pool
Give your child a head start on learning to swim. Our Preschool swim program develop respect for the water before these kids get in too deep.

Extra-Curricular An extra-curricular activity gives the child avenues to explore hidden talents. From music and singing to art and dance who knows your child might just be the next big super star.

After School Care

We understand Nairobi’s traffic can be horrific. Therefore our after school care provides a safe, mentally stimulating and constructive environment for children to explore non curriculum based activities until the end of a parents work day. We will engage in both indoor and outdoor activities. This will also give us time to explore the in-depth work of technology

Holiday Academy The Holiday Academy at OakHouse encourage hands-on learning as children explore their interests in the indoor and outdoor classrooms of our location. As children talk, hypothesize and problem solve with their peers, they gain a richer understanding of each topic.